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Meggitt Safety Systems

Standard Conditioner/Controller

The GH2/GO2 PLC-based conditioning assembly is designed around a vendor (Allen Bradley) supplied PLC (Micrologix 1500) with a Meggitt Safety Systems electrical and mechanical interface to provide a single integrated conditioning/control assembly programmed with Meggitt proprietary software.

The conditioner is arranged into two subassemblies, a remote panel assembly consisting primarily of a touch screen display (pictured) and the PLC assembly tasked with providing all on-off control logic for the sample loop assembly and data processing for the sensors. The conditioner performs the necessary calculations, and outputs the results in three forms, analog signals, a visual indication and alarms. The PLC (not shown) is pre-assembled onto a panel designed for installation within an enclosure. The remote panel portion of the conditioner is as shown.

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