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Meggitt Safety Systems

1E Containment Atmosphere Monitoring Systems (CAMS)

The analyzer system is arranged as two independent trains for which each train includes two assemblies, a Remote Control Assembly and a Local Analyzer Sample Station.

For the INSITU system, the sensors and a local calibration gas supply are mounted on a bracket for installation in containment. The Remote is designed for mild environment locations and the Sample Station and platform assemblies are designed for harsh conditions including those expected for the sample, post-accident.

Components within the local sample station are limited to only those required to extract, measure and return the sample to containment. Interconnect between the assemblies is electrical only. All signals are robust and low impedance requiring no special cabling beyond normal considerations for analog signals.

Packaging options are available that include free-standing enclosures or permit re-use of existing free-standing enclosures.

Contact Meggitt directly for detailed system description.

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