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The analytical product line was founded in 1980 with the objective to provide the Nuclear Power Industry the highest possible quality hydrogen and oxygen analyzers. Today our objective continues to focus on being a world class supplier of analytical systems to the nuclear power industry. Meggitt Safety System hydrogen and oxygen analyzers are operating at 60 sites for which 28 are using Meggitt safety related containment monitoring systems. We also have analyzers operating at Sandia, Los Alamos and the Hanford Reservation.

Meggitt has gained a reputation for being a proactive supplier. We have earned this reputation by monitoring equipment performance in the field and providing timely customer service. When a field problem occurs there is a knowledgeable staff at Meggitt to assist in the resolution of that problem. In the event modifications are identified either through a solution implemented in the field or as the result of a product improvement developed in house, service bulletins are generated and distributed to all affected users.



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