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Scheduled maintenance tasks have been identified to enhance the overall reliability and accuracy of the system. This is accomplished through the following activities:

  • Provide periodic adjustments of calibration factors to compensate for allowable component drift
  • Verification of overall CAMS operational capability
  • Scheduled replacement of limited life components (parts subject to wear-out or limited by qualified life)

The following is a tabulation of maintenance activities, along with recommended frequency and a brief description of the task. The frequency column represents the maximum interval between performance of the activity. For Category 1 applications, the maximum interval should not be exceeded except under conditions identified in the table.

Activity Frequency Task
Primary Calibration 90 days Initiate auto cal to a partial pressure sensor two point check. Record total pressure for future reference.
Pump Motor Assembly 12 Months Inspect motor mounting hardware and, if Sample Station is normally in Standby, check motor insulation resistance.
Conditioner Status 18 Months Check Transducer Drive Voltage, Power Supply Outputs and DAC Outputs
Pump Motor Assembly 18 Months Verify dead-head pressure.
Rebuild if significant change.
Alarms 18 Months Verify Alarm Functions
Cal Gas Supply 36 Months Check Gas Cylinder pressures and note usage rate. Leak check supply manifold if usage rate is excessive. Update Cal Gas Data if cylinders are changed.
Pressure Transducer
(RTD if Applicable)
36 Months > Perform two point check of the total pressure (and, if applicable, temperature) measurement function. Update factors as needed.
Pump Motor Assembly 36 Months Refurbish pump. If pump operation is intermittent, it can be deferred to 60 months.
Pump Motor Assembly 5 Years Rebuild Pump. If in continuous operation, pump rebuild should be every 36 months.
Partial Pressure Sensors 10 Years Replace Partial Pressure Sensors
Solenoid Coil Replacement 14 Years Replace Coils for 1E Asco Solenoid Valves. Operating life is based on 109°F ambient temperature and may be extended if unit is operating at a lower ambient temperature or is normally in Standby mode.



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